Historical Horse Racing Machines

Historical horse racing machines allow gamblers to bet on horse race outcomes just like they could at a horse racing facility or off-track betting parlor. This is not unlike Bingo. When you’re playing Bingo, the machine lets you see a slot game-style outcome. The difference is that when one is wagering on a historical race, the race has already been run. On NJBetting.com and similar sites, you can see different races to bet on every week and other relevant information.

Watch or Replay the Outcome

With these machines, you see reels animate, but you bet on horses. You can choose to replay or actually watch the outcome. You can choose to focus on the reels, which animate a result that is the same as that of your bet. Therefore, any bonuses are completely preset because the horse race outcome has already been decided. All the game is providing is slot-type entertainment.

These betting terminals and horseracing follow the same rules. You’re wagering together with other people connected to the same race, like when you play Bingo.

Parimutuel Betting

In parimutuel betting, the racetrack operator gets a cut of the combined prize pool. That’s the house edge. This betting system pools all bets of a certain type together. After deduction of the house take, they calculate the payoff odds by distributing the pool among all winning wagers. The payouts can seem different because they follow the actual payout in horseracing closely. There are riskier and less risky scenarios, just like with real horse racing. The frequency of wins and payouts can then be tracked accordingly.

Those familiar and comfortable with horseracing will enjoy new forms of wagering. On the other hand, horseracing systems make it possible to bet on games that feel and look like slots, so slot players can get a similar experience playing them.

Best Betting Strategies

Looking for the OTB provider with the best odds accessible online in your state or country is one of the best off track betting strategies. As horseracing tips differ depending on the track, you should read opinions and reviews of the most recent races on that particular track. To put it more simply, different tracks have different favorites to wager on.

It’s a mistake to believe the only element you need to consider is the horse. To stay informed, listen closely to what the handicappers are saying about the jockeys and what shape they are currently in.

Win, Place, and Exacta

Win and Place are two of the most popular off track bets. With Place, you win if your horse finishes first or second. With Win, you have to guess the winner. There is also Show, where you win if your choice comes in first, second, or third. These bets typically don’t bring big profits. With the option Exacta, you choose two horses and they must finish in one of the first two positions in the order predicted by you. With Exacta Box, you win if they finish in one of the first two positions regardless of the order.

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