4 Theme Trends for Online Slots in 2017

4 Theme Trends for Online Slots in 2017

Ancient Egypt is probably one of the most prolific themes in slots, from content relating to the Pyramid of Giza – one of the seven wonders of the world – to Cleopatra, hieroglyphics, and even the River Nile. Ancient Egypt content allows for rich, easily recognizable graphics, and the tone of the royalty of Ancient Egypt allows for higher variances in the slot games for high rollers, but the Egyptian-treasure style also pay outs. However, while slot players enjoy the dusty desert, there are other trends as equally prolific in slots that threaten the Ancient Egyptian pharaoh’s crown. What are they?


Sword-Based Fantasy


Fantasy has always been a strong theme for slot games – due mostly to the fact that the scope for content is so vast. Fantasy slot games can take advantage of classic slot game play with added video content, which gives the slot game a more immersive experience, as per the fantasy theme. Fantasy could incorporate men fighting monsters, castle sieges in far-off lands, and fights for thrones (made of iron…). The popularity of Game of Thrones spawned. The Game of Thrones slot game developed by Microgaming, which as well as incorporating the sounds and tone of the TV show, also features variations to sign-up bonuses depending on which house the player chooses to serve. So, whether they’re for House Stark or House Lannister, your game would start with a different bonus. As well as the Game of Thrones themes, there are other ways to engage with fantasy, such as the Game of Swords fantasy slot game by Genesis Gaming that takes the castles and sword supremacy aspects with a 97.12% RTP.


Superhero Slots


Superhero-themed slots are also a common theme in the slot world, especially given the success of DC films. DC films average $774,777,450 gross per movie, so have resolute popularity with fans. Fans of the franchise are also more likely to look for further ways to interact with it, so there are pletny of online slots based on their favorite superhero. For instance, NextGen Gaming’s Batman-themed slot based on the comic books feature Warhol-esque comic book graphics and onomatopoeic content reminiscent of the classic Batman cartoons (Wham! Kapow!). As for DC, Playtech developed a Superman-themed slot, that features the official music and graphics based on the 1980 Superman II movie. Christopher Reeve’s likeness is Superman as he pushes through the progressive jackpots fighting villain General Zod, based on Terence Stamp’s movie portrayal. Superhero stories have an enduring appeal due to the predictability of the storyline – the hero will always win and defeat the villain. This tone and theme are likely replicated in the online superhero slots, and the player will take on the role of the hero, which they might not be able to do elsewhere.




Horror-Themed Slots


The horror slot genre, thanks to the horror movie industry, produces slots all year long, not just at Halloween. Horror slots are popular as the theme of the thrill of being scared can transfer over effectively to playing slots. Microgaming have the Lost Vegas slot game which features zombies and Vegas! The scare factor adds to the atmosphere of playing online slots, and the theme music can send a chill down the spine. The Gamesys Twins of Evil slot game also brings in the horror factor, focusing on the Hammer House of Horror film series and starring the likeness of Peter Cushing. Hammer Horror focused on monsters, Dracula, and Frankenstein’s Monster, and the tone is replicated in the slot game. The slot game features actual content from the Hammer Horror films, as opposed to animated versions, which can add a touch of nostalgia for fans of the series.


Movies in General


While superhero and horror movies get special slot gaming attention, there are an abundance of movie-based slot games. From Microgaming’s Tarzan slot that was released to tie in with the 2016 Alexander Skarsgard blockbuster The Legend of Tarzan, which features iconography familiar to both the 1999 Disney cartoon and also the worldwide grossing $349,143,061 film. Basing slot games on popular movies works to further the world of the movie by allowing fans to interact with the character and plot they love in a different way, and perhaps even get people playing online slots who might not otherwise. For slot players, the game allows them to try something different than the standard classic slot they might be familiar with.


There are dozens of slots out there, so there really is something for everyone. Future slot themes can be indicated early on at events such as the Ice Totally Gaming conference. If you’re not an Ancient Egypt fan, fear not, for each year the trends in slot gaming change as the trends for what those likely to play the slot games are interested in. Like with TV and movies: one year it’s all about vampires, the next people are pretending to be a Kardashian!

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