Rizk Casino Coins Their First Millionaire after Playing their Cleopatra Mega Jackpots Slot


Rizk Casino coins their first millionaire after playing their Cleopatra Megajackpots slot!


The lucky Swedish player was playing the famous Egyptian themed slot at 22:00 from his apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden. After betting just €2 per spin on the game, he couldn’t believe his fortune when his screen lit up with fireworks and the amount of €1 million to indicate his big progressive jackpot hit!


Apparently he thought that kind of thing couldn’t happen to him as he told the Rizk Casino staff, “Yeah, I saw some fireworks and so on and I saw the amount €1 million and the game stopped, but the only thing I was thinking was ‘that this sort of thing doesn’t happen to me’ and ‘that the jackpot must’ve been won by somebody else,’ so I just muted the game and kept playing,” The 45-year-old winner said.


Indeed it did happen to him! He’s very thankful he was playing Cleopatra Megajackpots that evening rather than his favorite Gonzo’s Quest slot.


Rizk Casino is very excited this player hit the big time at their site and encourages slot players to Sign up and deposit here and play their favorite progressive jackpot slots to get added to their Millionaire list!

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